MPrime: Multiple Primer and Oligo Design

EC Rouchka, X Cui, A Khalyfa, NGF Cooper
University of Louisville Bioinformatics Research Group

MPrime is an interface which allows the effiicient detection of multiple primers or oligonucleotides for genic regions in either the human, mouse, rat, zebrafish, or fruit fly genomes.  In order to choose the regions of interest for primer or oligo design, you must choose the organism you are interested in, as well as the genic regions of interest.  Genic regions can be identified by the gene name, GenBank or RefSeq accession, or by a keyword.  Additionally, MPrime1.3 will now allow you to enter in fasta formatted sequences. Before primers are designed, you will be sent to a page that will allow you to select the genic regions you wish to use.


Older versions of MPrime are still available:

The development of MPrime has been graciously supported by the KY-BRIN network though grant # P20RR16481 from NIH-NCRR.

For more information contact: Eric Rouchka (ecrouc01 @ gwise . louisville . edu)